Success through failure

 Real success can only be gotten through failure…and the willingness to set yourself up for that failure.

By now we’re starting to wake up to the reality of social media existence…for better or worse.  While we now acknowledge the loneliness and sense of separation and longing that is only accentuated by this facade of community, we can’t and must not stop there.  I think this complete lack of follow-through is a big collective problem, individually and as a culture.  We’re good at finding the reasons something happens, and pinpointing the scientific results of those findings, but we tend to stop there, which is only barely the point of departure.  What’s lost is how to move through this new knowledge and come out the other side having learned something and also transformed our behaviors because of it.  (LIke the hunger for truth but the inability to digest it when it’s put on your plate.) We have a complete lack of follow-through as a society.  Artists and musicians often tend to be conscious people, and through struggle and discipline we learn to overcome habits, behaviors, and beliefs… and that’s exactly what our unconscious culture must desperately learn to do as it drowns in dystopian fixation…

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On Transcribing…

I recently dug up the transcriptions I did back in high school, digitized them, and then realized that within them was also a good story.  Not only are they early evidence of my anal retentiveness (immaculate ruler-guided hand-written notation…this is pre-notation software folks) but they are also a glaring example of how seriously I was taking my craft at a young age.  My teachers told me that if I wanted to really learn to improvise I had to completely immerse myself in the playing of those whom I most appreciated.  Before my own hand-written projects, I learned a lot of stuff by ear.  David Gilmore of Pink Floyd was probably my biggest case-study from the ages of 13-15.  I pretty much learned every solo he ever recorded.  I was learning lots of other stuff at that time too, Satriani, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Van Halen…but Gilmore to me was such a melodic and lyrical player that his few notes carried just as much weight as the flurries of 32nd notes those other guys play.  So already I was starting to immerse myself in what it FELT like to play great, even if I wasn’t ultimately the originator of that greatness. Continue reading

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January 2012 update…

Happy 2012 to everyone, lots of exciting things happening in my world as of late:

The regressive art rock band MoeTar, which I’ve been a part of for 2 years now, has been signed to Magna Carta records!
We are being promoted on the front page of the label’s site and our album “From These Small Seeds” is set for re-release in a couple of weeks. There’s all new artwork and cd layout for the re-release so check back in a bit or just pre-order it online now at magna carta‘s website.

New album “Thunder” with legendary fusion drummer Narada Michael Walden!!!
I’ve been doing various projects with Narada over the last 5 or 6 years and I’m proud to say we’ve just completed our first full length album together. We got together and collaborated on song writing and the over-all vision for a modern blues/rock album ala Jeff Beck and The Black Keys. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project!!!! I’ve been listening to Narada’s jaw-dropping drums since I was a teenager with bands like Jeff Beck, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Allan Holdsworth, and Weather Report. “Thunder” will be available soon as well as “Rising Sun” which is a 4-song EP of some of his old fusion hits with Jeff Beck and Mahavishnu. In addition to all that, I’m also featured on his new instructional video called “Out Of Time”. And we’re kicking off the first shows in Japan! Which will be my first time and I’m very excited…
Check here for updates and where to buy all these products.

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