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Taking on a musical instrument regardless of whether you want to become a master or just strum some folk chords requires work and discipline.  I absolutely love teaching people and figuring out how to unlock their sleeping mastery…or just teach them how to play the 3 chords that make them the happiest.  Some of us have more innate ability (talent) than others, but everyone has to work hard at it to achieve results, and everyone can have fun with music and learn something about themselves in the process.


A lot of beginners…young and old.

Local gigging guitarists looking to take their playing to the next level.

Serious students wanting to learn jazz, reading music, theory, improvisation, ear training, harmony, how to practice, how to become a master.


Mostly, how to practice effectively so you actually get better.

Songs, the theory behind them, the intricacies, and the attitude required to pull them off well.

Fundamentals: Scales, arpeggios, exercises, theory, reading, working with a metronome.


In one hour we’ll usually go over:

  • Technique: some scales or exercises that build coordination/finger strength.
  • Repertoire: any song you want to learn or I’ll suggest some fun ones.
  • Theory: a brief or in-depth explanation (depending on the student’ interest) of the songs we’re working on and how to better understand how the guitar works.
  • Practice: you get a weekly assignment so that you have a clear picture of what to be practicing and how to practice (which we’ll do in the course of the lesson).

In person:

One-on-one private lessons can be scheduled during the week or on Sundays depending on availability.

On line via Skype:

Web lessons are a great way to learn without having to travel.  All you need is a basic webcam and a decent internet connection.

To schedule a lesson contact me at: mcheulitt@gmail.com

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