MCH Trio

The trio is where Matthew Charles Heulitt finds his own personal musical catharsis.  Working from a jazz sensibility, the groups arrangements offer a feast of re-worked modern pop tunes, electro-funk, and spacey originals, redefining what a power trio is capable of minute-by-minute.  Buy Room To Run, an ambient jazz record in the style of ECM featuring Jon Arkin on drums, Dan Feiszli and Jonathan Herrera on bass, Kit Walker on keys, and Joe Cohen on sax.


A five-piece art rock ensemble of staggering proportions. Zappa meets Yes meets XTC.  Featured in multiple publications including Guitar Player Magazine you can be sure you’ve heard nothing like this.  “From These Small Seeds” is the first record, “Entropy Of The Century” is the 2nd.  Get them both.

Narada Michael Walden Band

The first full length collaboration with Jeff Beck’s drummer and MCH yields a powerfully raw and rootsy rock album called Thunder and Rising Sun, a 4-track EP of Mahavishnu, Beck, and NMW fusion tunes.


For The Ghost” is an epic/ambient torch rock album with vocals reminiscent of Jeff Buckley.  Sadly Pollux is no longer playing live but this record is still worth spinning…

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